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Executive Board Meeting

2nd Thursdays
6:30pm January 13th
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August 12th 2021 Agenda
  1. Scholarship – Have students been notified of Aug. 19th zoom? Any $300 checks needed?
  2. Fireworks funds – Attached distribution to be sent out with general agenda. Display at zoom meeting.
  3. SITP update – Committee = Sue, April, Alexa and Denal
  4. RCONA insurance update
  5. NA spotlight: HRNA
  6. Presentation: Roseville Electric
  7. MITP recap
  8. NA signs Committee = Sue C. & Ellen?
  9. Meeting with Brian, August 17th 10:00AM – Ellen, Melinda & Jim
April 8th 2021 Agenda
  1. Fireworks fundraising
  2. Guest Speaker (Was Environmental Utilities vs License Plate Reader Rep)
  3. New NA Maps proposed by the NA Organization Committee
  4. Restarting Every Other Month Meetings with the City (Who wants to attend?)
  5. Adjusting the placement of the City, Police, and Fire reps in the meeting order